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What is carbon cleaning? 

After our car ran one or two years (about 20000 kilometers), the engine will have performance degradation in different levels: economic performance degradation, fuel consumption increase, short of power, fast acceleration not free, start not smooth, especially in cold start, excessive exhaust emission, noise increase, the engine oil turns black fast or even slightly burned. Our carbon cleaning machine can remove engine carbon deposit completely. Do it regularly can maintain your car and you may see sewage when your car did engine carbon cleaning. It can completely wipe off carbon from engine and has absolutely effect of emission reduction. Specially, the HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent has an internal protection layer to protect the engine and is 100% eco – safe.


Truth about carbon

Fact 1

Carbon is a precipitate formed by the copolymerized fuel particles that settle on: the walls of the combustion chamber, pistons, intake and exhaust manifold, swirl valve in Diesel engines, catalyser, EGR valve, throttle, oil supply pipe for turbine bearings, solid  particle filters DPF and FAP.

Fact 2

The most common symptoms of carbon deposits:  uneven / unstable engine operation, loud engine operation, no engine power, extensive fuming, clogged DPF filter, clogged catalyst, reduced compression on pistons.

Fact 3

Fuel additive causes hydrocarbon in engines. The fact is – any vehicle can be clean. The cleaning process is a simple, fast and effective. It cleans crowns pistons, valves, EGR valves, restores fully the air and exhaust gas flow and hence improves performance, reduces emissions, improves BHP and MPG.

Car parts are affected by carbon


Type of engines we look after





The technology works with all types of vehicle – from motorbikes to planes if it has a combustion engine then it can be done. Both petrol and diesel  and LPG engines will show improvements irrespective if vehicle age and/or value.


It’s All about How
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There is a saying that good:” three tenths repair and seven tenths maintenance.” If you had never maintain your car before 20 000 kilometers, you will face some serious problems for car maintenance. In this case, you must do engine carbon cleaning for repair.

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The advantages

Our device is non-invasive, it removes carbon deposits without the need of dismantling the engine.


Our carbon cleaning Oxy – Hydrogen gas cleans away the carbon build-up efficiently and without mess or harm to the environment. The results: low RPM power in a smoother running, more efficient engine.

Fuel Efficiency

Our service will help to remove carbon build-up and thereby revitalise fuel efficiency. Most customers experience an improvement in MPG or L/KM and lower fuel bills.


This remarkable system has a proven ability for quickly and safely removing carbon build-up deposits from the whole engine system – effects are immediate. Check us and book your appointment today.


Save time and money by using our Carbon Cleaning System; increase your business potential, customer base and profits.

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