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Engine Carbon Cleaning
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Ryan on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Excellent service with effective results. Should be part of everyone's vehicle maintenance. Your car will thank you for it.

by Rob on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Excellent job, car seems be a lot quieter and acceleration much better, Thoroughly recommend.

by Nik Hurell on Engine Carbon Cleaning

I can thoroughly recommend anybody with a car that wants it the purr and feel as smooth as butter to get this done !
1/2 an hour driving around my car went from 27mpg to 33mpg :-0
& the running just got sweeter & sweeter
£90 treat you & your car. ( connects via a blue tooth reader to your OBC ) so you get a engine check.
Chris is such a nice guy . he is going back to Poland soon but will be back on the 11th of next Month.
! x C180 merc 167000 miles ....
1 x Cio 1.2 57000 miles.... both cars feel like new, it seems to good to be true but this really works / it was on
Wheeler Dealers used on an XK8R Jag ....check it out.🤔✴️

by James on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Great service - great result and more fun with my BMW 😉

by Anna on Engine Carbon Cleaning

I'm not an expert,but looks like my car is faster and pass emission test with out any problem.

by Jacek on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Seat Ibiza 1.9 tdi 178000 miles on the clock. After treatment is the fasted car in Slough 🙂 Money well spent.

by Robert on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Fantastic service and good skills. My car working smooth nice after that...  I'm always back to you thanks for your help. You're the best Kris  Regards

by Lukas on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Great service from Chris and what a difference it has made to my car. Would highly recommend this service,try it and you won’t be disappointed. Car running smoother,getting better mpg and car is a lot more punchy through the gears. Running like a new car. Thanks Chris

by Kate on Engine Carbon Cleaning

Great service! On time - on place - fantastic equipment - and what is most important - It's WORKING! My car is full of speed now 🙂  Thank you!

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